About the Bologna Black Book

In 2005 ESU published the Bologna Black Book. This was a midterm review of the bad practises occurring under the guise of implementing the Bologna action lines and issues arising from the slow implementation of reforms. NUSes provided case studies from the national and institutional levels which put the process itself at risk and impacted negatively on students.

As we approach a new era for the European Higher Education Area, determining what is to be the future of Bologna, is it time once again to highlight the mistakes so everyone can learn from them. ESU invited NUSes to once again tell us their stories which can be learned from as we move forward.

The publication is part of the ESIB’s evaluation, follow-up and training project supported by the European Commission in the Framework of the Socrates Programme.

Editing: ESIB’s Bologna Process Committee

Contents: Information and the materials for this black book are submitted by the National Unions of Students from Austria (ÖH), Belgium (FEF and VVS), Bosnia and Herzegovina (SURS and SaSFBIH) Bulgaria (UBS and ASC), Croatia (CSU and CSC), Czech Republic (SK RVŠ), Denmark (DSF), Estonia (FESU), Finland (SYL and SAMOK), France (UNEF), Germany (fzs), Hungary (HÖOK), Iceland (SHÍ and BÍSN), Italy (UDU), Latvia (LSA), Lithuania (LSS), Luxembourg (UNEL), Macedonia (NSUM), Malta (KSU),The Netherlands (LSVb), Norway (StL and NSU), Poland (PSRP and ZSP), Portugal (FAIRe), Romania (ANOSR), Serbia (SUS), Slovakia (ŠRVŠ), Slovenia (SSU), Sweden (SFS), Switzerland (VSS-UNES-USU), United Kingdom (NUS)

Illustrations: Mladen Oljaca

Layout: Thomas Nilsson

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More information: http://www.esu-online.org/news/article/6068/Black-Book-of-Bologna-2005/(external link)