Information and transparency of Bologna implementation (Spain)

It is obvious that the Bologna Process is on-going now for 16 years and is still a changing and developing process which creates a huge amount of information on conclusions, researches, agreements, etc.

When new implementations or changes are about to be made, the first intuition is to get as much bibliography as possible to back ideas, decisions and inspire new practices.

The fact that there is no official version of what bologna is, creates a huge amount of changes, implementations and regulations which have nothing to do with the spirit of Bologna itself, so instead of becoming a positive process, it becomes the opposite, creating rejection to what is not well known.

There is a lack definitions for technical words, new concepts and guidelines on how to implement Bologna. There is a total ignorance of the real spirit of the Bologna Process.

To tackle this there is a need to compile and resume all the information referred to the Bologna Process and train the university community and disseminate. A useful tool to achieve both objectives should be created.