This year as you can already tell we decided to take a slightly different approach to the publication. Compared to previous years where every aspect of the Bologna process was analysed from a student perspective we have chosen to highlight some key issues for the future that are important for students. Some of the key areas for the the European Students’ Union in this edition are student-centred learning, the social dimension, recognition and the future of the Process as a whole.

We are in a crucial time for the Bologna process. There are many questions hanging in the air. Is the Process still relevant? Has it died? How do we get countries to implement all the reforms they committed to? Will the countries who did implement the reforms stay interested? It is doubtful that the Ministerial Conference in Yerevan will answer all of these questions. However, at the very least we hope that we can set out a path for the future that will lead to the results that students need.

It is not reasonable that the Bologna Process has been in place since 1999, yet still basic recognition of degrees and qualifications is not yet a reality. There is no doubt that something must be done or in 2020 the Bologna Process will be obsolete at best. Considering how successful the Bologna Process has been on the whole despite its current challenges, it would be a shame to lose what has been a successful tool for reforming our education systems. The key debate that ministers need to have in Yerevan is how we will move forward together, not to rehash old debates that have already been settled.

Bologna with Student Eyes 2015 is our view on some of the key issues that will be discussed in Yerevan and followed up after.


Elisabeth Gehrke
ESU Chairperson