Limiting student involvement in QA (Denmark)

In Denmark, quality assurance and development on a local level is done by study boards, where students and academic staff are equally represented. This competency is continually challenged however, with proposals to delegate some of the responsibility to the administration, or most recently with a proposal to change the law and remove that competency from the study boards.

Study boards are the only place where students are equally represented with a democratic right, and removing quality assurance from their competencies would seriously limit the involvement of students in quality assurance and development. This would both be a democratic problem, but also directly damaging to the quality of education, as the expertise and knowledge of the students would not be heard.

Involvement of students and other stakeholders in quality assurance processes is a stated value of the Bologna proces. Proper implementation of the Bologna proces involves not only the concrete structures but also the spirit and the values, and limiting student involvement in quality assurance would thus be a step away from proper implementation.

Student involvement in quality assurance should be expanded, both on the local and national level.